About Me

      Hi, my name is Luka Brown, and I'm a software engineer with a passion for coding! I first learned that I enjoyed coding in highschool by creating small games in Python. The problems that coding will often present to me are very rewarding to solve with an optimal solution. These challenges will forever intrigue me and I have learned so much more about problem solving from my time in university.

      I have earned my undergraduate degree at Texas State University, majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Applied Mathematics. Some of the courses I took include Machine Learning, Parallel Programming, Database Systems, Cybersecurity, and Operating Systems. Throughout my university experience, I've developed a deep fascination for understanding how computers work and ways to improve their efficiency. I take great pleasure in knowing precisely what my code is doing and optimizing it.

      In addition to coding, I'm an avid gamer and have even built my own gaming PC. I am constantly finding new video games to enjoy but some past favorites include the Fallout series, (New Vegas is the best of course) the Mass Effect Series, the Portal series, and many more. Back in college I was even on the Esports team and played Overwatch. Through many dedicated hours in Overwatch, I ended my career peak at Grandmaster 1 which is in the top 1% of players. After Blizzard announced the cancellation of expansive PvE in Overwatch, I put it down for good and have been playing some new titles. More recently, I've been playing Baldur's Gate 3 (just finished a tactician playthrough), Everspace 2, Fortnite, and more.

      At the moment, I am looking for full time employment in Austin/Remote as I was recently hit with a RIF from Aristocrat Gaming. While working there, I learned a lot about DevOps and AWS Cloud Infrastructure. During my internship there, I also was named an inventor on patent pending player engagement technology. Gaming has always been one of my main interests and I am glad to have the ability to assist other game developers with the applications I am creating. I've gained experience in creating multithreaded applications, machine learning analysis, website and GUI applications, and testing suites among other projects. With a passion for coding and a growth-oriented mindset, I'm confident that I can thrive in any environment that I find myself in.